Specialist in treating chronic disease with Mindbody Healing


Holistic Design and Planting, healing gardens a specialism

Health researcher

Writer and lecturer on natural health, wellbeing and self-empowerment

Introducing myself: Patricia Worby, PhD

I am many things: a writer/ health researcher and trauma therapist specialising in chronic stress-related disease, as well as a professional gardener & designer.

A holistic vision

I have many strings to my bow but what unites them all is a quest for knowledge and a need to understand the complexity of the body, mind and the natural world as a holistic entity. I am fascinated by so many areas; the structure and function of the body, the nature of mind and consciousness, emotional health, natural plant medicine and healing, art and design. Being a passionate advocate of education I have devoted my life to learning as much as possible about the underlying processes of what makes us human, and how we can maximise our joy, health and creativity . As a former health scientist I love what science has to say about the connection with spirituality and wholeness and you will find many articles I have written based on my research – some are available for download.


My book ‘The Scar that won’t Heal’ on stress, the body and unresolved emotions in the creation of disease was published in 2016 (revised 2018, available on amazon). I completed a PhD on mindbody approaches to resolving chronic pain and emotional trauma. I published another book ‘The World Within; how our microbiome makes us who we are’ in 2017 (also available on amazon) and am in the process of writing another on cellular cause of disorders of like cancer and Alzheimer’s which are both diseases of loss of regulation (to be published 2019).

A portfolio career

The pages on this website give you more information on what I do but here are some quick links to my gardening/ garden design, mindbody therapy and specialist ME/Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia websites for the 2 businesses I run: Alchemy Therapies and The Outdoor Room.

Please take a look around and get in contact if you are interested in what I have to say. Please do get in contact if you find anything on here of interest to you – I love to make contact with like-minded people. Happy reading!