Healing Gardens

Gardens and gardening have always been great passions of mine ever since I was small. I trained as a designer and plantswoman in the early 1990’s and have run a successful design and planting business, The Outdoor Room, ever since. I have designed and planted over a thousand gardens since that time!

However, recently I have begun to specialise more in the skilled management of designed gardens and landscapes, especially those with a healing remit e.g in clinics as well as private gardens. I use herbs, and medicinal plants as well as the more usual shrubs and trees as I understand we have a connection with these plants that we co-evolved with. I believe  plants and gardens are powerful healing agents and connection with the earth is vital for health.

I particularly love to work with you to create an outdoor space of calm and healing. I am the antidote to all those glitzy TV-inspired ‘instant gardens’. Gardening is about process not product – despite what you may have heard or seen elsewhere. In my home clinic, I combine a healing space within the garden so that you are surrounded by greenery rather than electro-smog!

Drop me an email or connect with me on social media – or see my specialist website for examples of my work, prices, etc.