New Directions

It’s 2020 and with a new decade a chance to review my work and purpose.

I have always had many strings to my bow – gardener, author, teacher and now writer/speaker. I have been gradually dong more with the teaching and writing than the gardening – although my ultimate goal is combine all of them with a new residential trauma centre (watch this space!). However, last year I produced a 4 module practitioner training course on trauma and how being trauma-informed helps everyone – schools, prisons, therapists, etc to help turn people around from destructive and ultimately unsatisfying lives. It was very well received.

This year I want to do something similar for clients.

We so need to be healed from our pasts (and those of our parents and grandparents – trauma travels down the generations). Join me in celebrating this new venture and keep a look out on my facebook, Instagram and Alchemy therapy website and now Youtube channel for news and views