Mindbody Therapies for chronic conditions

After recovering from my own health challenges, I decided to train as a therapist in the sorts of conditions that conventional medicine has great difficulty solving; chronic pain, fatigue and disease.

I am  now a specialist mindbody therapist specialising in trauma-related issues of anxiety, depression, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain of all kinds.  I offer a (w)holistic approach grounded in neuroscience, psychotherapy and fascial bodywork as promoted by such experts in body-centred healing as Peter Levine, Janina Fisher and Bessel van der Kolk but have created a bespoke  Trauma Transformation Protocol that is uniquely my own. I work with chronic disease specifically, as I believe them to be complex manifestations of autonomic freeze states*.

I use elements of psycho-sensory therapies and body work to guide you back to health. Take the first step to healing by checking out my specialist Alchemy therapies website here.

According to polyvagal theory, the autonomic nervous system has 3 levels: social engagement (parasympathetic rest and digest), sympathetic (fight and flight) and, finally when all else fails, freeze (parasympathetic shutdown of energy metabolism to an immobilisation state).