Now out!  The World Within; how our microbiome makes us who we are

This book looks at how an understanding of our microbiome (the bugs that live in and on us) changes the way we view ourselves as human beings. When we understand the complex synergy with which we co-exist and how they helped us to evolve we can no longer view ourselves as individuals but as a living community. This radical re-working of what it means to be human is, quite simply, revolutionary. In this book I look at how the microbes communicate with us and how, in turn, we alter their functioning via the food we eat, the life we live and the thoughts we think.

I show you how an imbalance causes disease and the methods by which we can change the balance of this inner ‘garden’ and change our lives for the better.

Find out how and why stress and trauma are locked in the body to produce chronic symptoms and what you can do to heal. This is an in depth look at how the mind-body systems link to produce pain, disease and depression when you do not address common subconscious emotional trauma. It is thoroughly researched and lovingly detailed for the lay reader who wants to know why!. See my reviews here.

I show you with the aid of detailed diagrams and research-based theory how and why you get sick and how to recover. With the aid of real life case studies I show you how I have helped my clients discover their own solutions and find wholeness so you too can  life the life you deserve.

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Also available: my free book Stress and the Mindbody Solution  for download – see Alchemy Therapies to download this for free.