Health researcher

As a former scientist and now writer and speaker, science based health education is close to my heart.

As someone who understands that science can be daunting for a non-scientist my role in health education is to make difficult subjects as simple and relevant as possible. However, I am beginning to accept that all we have been taught about health and healing has been very limited in the race for acceptance of evidence-based medicine. The healing aspect has been largely lost. Hence it is my mission to combine the holistic and the scientific – somthing which I think is a unique offering. I love to communicate, teach and inspire people  based on my research, practice and personal experience- and I am, hopefully jargon-free!

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Subjects I have tackled recently include:

  • the microbiome – how we live with the microbes in and on us and communicate to produce health or disease
  • attachment theory – how and why you find relationships difficult
  • early life trauma and the body – how early events landscape the mind and body towards illness
  • neuroscience; how memory is formed and the function of the several different types.
  • how to heal with body-based therapies such as naturopathic nutrition, EFT/ EMDR and havening.
  • how plants and contact with nature can heal you