Greenwood Holistic Health Group

I am part of the Greenwood Holistic Health Group (GHHG) which is dedicated to bringing a team approach to relief from chronic exhaustive conditions. Consisting of a myself (trauma therapist), myofascial massage therapist and wellbeing coach Carol Greenwood, naturopathic nutritionist Bee Innes and energy therapist Dr Rainer Viehweger, we offer a truly integrated solution for relief from fatigue, pain and anxiety of conditions like ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia/PVF/long covid. Currently online only due to current restrictions please get in touch via our facebook page while we develop our website. Launch date is April 9th 2021

Ever wondered if there was a place you could go to which would give you respite and healing from that part of you that knows it is wounded. That seeks resolution and recovery? A place where you could eat healthy food, swim in natural water, walk in the woods, receive nourishing and sustaining treatments by therapists that understand what it is like to grow up without a sense of calm or foundation.

Well that place is our dream too. With my friend and colleague Carol Greenwood we are hoping to purchase and renovate a property in the Southampton /New Forest area. This a beautiful setting for such a centre. We have not found the site or property yet but are actively looking. This will require plenty of money and commitment which we don’t have yet.

However, dreams can come true and with your help we can make this a reality. Please consider donating whatever you can afford.